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  • Boise Educational Article of the Month - Is Boise House Mouse Feces Dangerous To Touch Or Breathe?

Is Boise House Mouse Feces Dangerous To Touch Or Breathe?

The first sign of a Boise house mouse infestation in your house will likely be the feces scattered around. Mice may be in your house for a long without you being able to sight them one day. You may only hear their scratching sounds in the night only to discover their droppings scattered around your house in the morning. If you are not careful enough the foods in your kitchen and store can get contaminated with house mouse feces. These are among the reasons most people want to know whether it is dangerous touching or breaking house feces. Rodent generally is not to carry earth shattering deadly diseases that can affect human being. These diseases are always in their urine and feces affecting pets and human.

Touching or breathing house mouse feces can lead to adenovirus infection
It is important that you become very careful while going anywhere close to Idaho house mouse feces .This is due to many deadly and dangerous diseases the contamination with the feces can cause. The Adenovirus is one of the airborne pathogens that can affect anyone that touches or breathe house mouse feces.

Hantavirus infection is another disease caused by breathing mouse feces
If you do not want to have dangerous of experience of Hantavirus disease, you should avoid breathing or touching house mouse urine and feces. Covering your hands with glove and your nose with mask while disposing the feces can save you from getting affected.

Lassa fever and Pulmonary Syndrome
Another dangerous disease that can be transferred to human through contamination with Boise house mouse feces is Lassa fever. This is a deadly disease that can kill the victim within the shortest of time. You can avoid this disease by staying away from house mouse urine and feces.

Other diseases caused by touching or breathing house mouse feces
There are many other diseases associated with touching or breathing Idaho house mouse feces. Some of them include: Leptospirosis, Chorio, Lymphocytic, Hemorrhagic fever and others. There is also risk of renal syndrome, Salmonellosi, Tularemia and lots more following breathing or touching house mouse feces. With these diseases mentioned, you can see how risky it is to share your apartment with house mouse.

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