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  • Boise Educational Article of the Month - Can Boise Foxes Harm Farm Animals and Pets?

Can Boise Foxes Harm Farm Animals and Pets?

Foxes are one of the most dangerous and destructive creatures that are commonly found in the United States. They were earlier found in the wild areas, but from past few years they have moved to urban areas and targeting human habitats to collect some food and shelter. Generally, they come to pick the fruits from your garden or yard area but in case if they find a pet around; they will definitely try to kill and eat it up. If you live in fox affected area, it is good to stay away from these creatures and make sure your kids do not go close to them. Experts reveal that foxes can pose a serious threat to the animals, pets, and children as well. Some of the most common troubles associated with foxes are:

They can spread harmful diseases:
The biggest trouble about Boise foxes is that they can be rabid and if they attack your pet, they can transfer the disease virus through bites. Generally, when a dog or cat find a fox around; they immediately get indulged in a fight and in the meanwhile they can become susceptible to scratch or bite leading to serious injuries or disease transfers. Hence, it is important to stay away from these animals. If your children love playing outside, make sure that a fox is not hiding in the shed or porch area. Otherwise, it can attack them and cause major harm. Make sure that foxes do not get access to the close vicinity of your house; you can prefer to install fences around to block the entry points.

They can eat up the livestock:
Idaho foxes are capable enough to kill small sheep and goats in the farm area. These creatures usually visit the field in night hours and can bite the farm animals causing serious injuries or disease transfers. In some cases, they also carry the newly born goats, may eat the chickens and nits as well. They also take very less time to target the eggs as well. In case if you have a poultry house that has easy access from the ground, foxes can gain easy access to this livestock. If the foxes are attacking your poultry, you may find some steps and empty egg shells in the premises. It is better to raise your poultry house by some inches above the ground so that foxes cannot have direct access to this area.

The best solution to deal with the Boise foxes and to protect your pets, children, birds, and animals are installing protective fences all around. Foxes generally get attracted towards open food sources so make sure your garden and yard area stay free from leftovers. Some homeowners also prefer to use repellents and deterrents to deal with the foxes as it can help to scare them away from premises. In case if you are not able to protect your habitat from fox attacks, it is good to take help from professional fox exterminators in your city.

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