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  • Boise Educational Article of the Month - The Boise Banded Water Snake

The Boise Banded Water Snake

It is also commonly referred to as the Nerodia Fasciata. This Boise snake originally came from the central part of the United States. It is however very rare to find and this means that only a few number of such snakes exist in the whole world.

• Biology and life cycle
According to wildlife control agents trained to handle such Idaho snakes, the maximum length that the banded water snake can grow up to is about forty five inches. The lower part of the banded water snakes usually shows the yellow color on them with black spotty marks. These colors usually make the snakes unique compared to all other snake species that exist in the United States.

• Appearance and habitat
The Boise banded water snakes are usually red in color. As opposed to other snake types, the banded water snakes do not commonly prey of their fellow snakes. It is hence not a surprise to find the banded water snake living peacefully with all other snake types without even passing each other’s boundaries. Fresh water areas are the main habitat of the banded water snakes. They rarely move to dry lands by to some extremes, they may get to land seeking more food especially during inadequate food periods in the water bodies. These snakes are not usually harmful, unless provoked and for this reason, many residents in the United States prefer keeping them as their own pets at home.

• Diet and behavior
Just like most of the Boise snake species, the banded water snake becomes more aggressive especially when it feels threatened by people. They may not be the biting type of snakes but when they feel unsafe among human beings or even any other creatures, the banded water snakes usually have the tendency of releasing a very musky odor that makes the environments a bit disturbing.

As for the diet, the Idaho banded water snakes are not known to be choosy. They have rodents as their best dish. They will hence move to human homes in search of those mice that may be living in the homes.

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